1) It's a great way of expressing team spirit

What better way to express your team spirit and cohesion than showing up with matching t-shirts? Feeling more united as a team can help you and your friends really get into the spirit of the event, and may even help you compete more effectively. Psychology has a huge role to play in the outcome of any sporting event.
Custom t-shirts in Edmonton Alberta

Benefits of Custom T-shirts for Small Team Events

Do you like to participate in small team events in Edmonton such as Crossfit competitions or the boot camp-like obstacle course that is Tough Mudder? Whatever activity you and your buddies like to get involved in, why not really get into it by outfitting your team with awesome, custom, screen-printed t-shirts to wear during the event?

Just some of the many benefits of wearing custom t-shirts from Edmonton's Elite Sportswear and Awards at your next small team event include:

2) It allows for advertising

Have you managed to secure some local sponsors for your next showing at an Edmonton team competition? Getting custom-made, screen printed t-shirts will allow you to advertise their goods and services. Aside from following any rules and stipulations of the event itself, there is no limit to what you can put on a custom t-shirt.

3) It lets you show your support for a social cause

On top of advertising, having your team wear matching custom t-shirts will allow you to showcase your support for a local cause. Have a charity or a certain group you'd like to show your support for? Go ahead and incorporate it into the design of your shirts!

4) It helps your team stand out and appeal to the crowd

Team competitions thrive on the enthusiasm of the crowd. The more your team stands out and appeals to the crowd, the more energy you can gain from their cheers and encouragement. Appearing as a unified group will immediately garner you support from onlookers.

5) It's affordable

Depending on how large your team is, you may be looking at needing to purchase quite a few t-shirts and likely don't want to be spending a small fortune. Even a small team shouldn't have to worry about paying too much just to get some custom shirts. At Elite Promotional Marketing we pride ourselves on our fair and affordable pricing, so that you can worry less about money and focus more on having fun.

Custom Team Wear T-Shirts in Edmonton

For affordable, quality, and eye-catching custom team wear in Edmonton, you can trust the skilled graphic designers and screen printing experts at Elite Promotional Marketing. For 60 years we have been producing in-house custom t-shirts with unparalleled attention to detail to make sure that our clients get exactly what they want.

You can count on Elite Promotional Marketing to create custom team wear that will help you stand out and show your team spirit. Contact our Edmonton location today if you have any questions or would like to place an order with us.
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