Professional screen printing services in Edmonton

From sportswear to promotional products, screen printing is one of the most simple, affordable and effective ways to market your Edmonton business. Custom screen printing gives you the freedom, flexibility and creativity to put your logo or brand on a wide array of different materials, such as hats, uniforms, shirts, jackets and so much more. 

At Elite Promotional Marketing we know that choosing the right graphic designer is just as important as choosing your image or message.

The right professionals will help you design, promote and improve your company brand by creating vivid and eye-catching results. They’ll also use the best materials to produce quality products that not only look great, but also meet your expectations and specifications in a timely manner.

Avoid costly mistakes

Although it appears easier than it looks, screen printing is a process that requires sound knowledge, attention to detail and first hand experience.

Anything less can lead to subpar results, which can have just as much of an impact on your brand, albeit a much more negative and damaging one.
Thankfully, by trusting qualified professionals, you can avoid costly mistakes that not only damage the fabric of the shirts, but also potentially harm your company’s image.

These include:

Wrong font. Choosing the right font will go a long way in engaging your customers. However, selecting a font that’s hard to read or a font size that’s too big or too small can be extremely damaging to your brand.

Wrong colour. This seems rather obvious, but it’s a problem that occurs more often than you think. Inconsistent or wrong colours and shades can be extremely costly and will negatively impact your business’ image.

Smudging. Unsightly smudges and smears look bad, plain and simple. These can occur for a number of reasons, such as a printing screen that moves during printing, low screen tension, poor ink quality, warped shirt boards or too much ink flooding the screen.

Faded images. Some printers tend to use inexpensive or low quality inks when printing in order to cut back on costs. As a result, the print or design will fade when the product is washed, which doesn’t really help when you’re trying to increase brand recognition.

Go with the best

Whether you’re marketing your image in Edmonton or across Western Canada, the team of creative in-house designers at Elite Promotional Marketing will help you get that strong brand you’re looking for, guaranteed. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!
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