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At Elite Promotional Marketing we understand this.

For more than 60 years we have maintained a strong reputation as Western Canada’s foremost supplier of promotional products, awards, sportswear and corporate apparel.

Our mission is to help you create long-lasting relationships with your team through the power of promotional products.

A good crest does this by:

Why do you need a custom crest for your team Jersey?

In today’s fast paced world, standing out, finding an identity that matches your outlook is becoming increasingly important for individuals, businesses, community groups, and sport teams. For an individual, it could mean hair colour or clothing style; businesses and community groups use logos to create legitimacy and show they are trustworthy and credible; a sports team’s colour and logo or crest are two of the most important elements of team identity.
Communicating an unforgettable image for your team or business, making it more likely they will think of you when considering joining or sponsoring a team.

Branding and marketing - your team crest appears in league tables, on jerseys, letterhead, promotional items, merchandise, sponsorships, and on your team’s website including finding its way into emails.

Providing a sense belonging and unity, thus creating loyalty and support for players, club members, and fans alike. As a key identity piece, a team crest can evoke many powerful emotions.
Elite Promotional Marketing

To create an effective crest, consider these key points:

Brainstorm - you need to come up with a direction for your logo design; think about existing points of identity, such as your team name, nicknames, home turf, and other things people might already associate with the team.

Research - explore existing examples of sports team crests to provide inspiration and rough ideas but don’t rip off others designs, it defeats the purpose of creating your own identity.

Think - about the type of crest: abstract images or symbols, font based or logotypes, team colors or black and white, and the shape of the crest. Talk to others for insights and ideas you wouldn’t come up with yourself.

Sketch - now the fun begins! This is not about creating the end product, but bringing your rough ideas to life so put down as many ideas and make as many versions as you want.

Refine - you should have a number of different ideas on the table. Narrow things down to a maximum of three concepts by going through each idea and check them for:

Appropriateness - Does it communicate well your sport or discipline and what you are doing?
Simplicity - Is any crest design overly complicated or confusing?
Distinctiveness - Are you imitating someone else’s crest too closely; is it easy to remember?
Tangibility - Can the logo be understood?
Timelessness - Will it be recognizable for years to come?

Reflect - get lots of feedback, including your team members. Get everyone more invested by allowing them to vote for their favorites and provide input to create an even stronger team identity. Now you can make a decision, or if nothing feels right yet, it might be time to start over.

Finally, hire a designer for the final product to help streamline your idea and put on the finishing touches, and turn your crest concept into digital form so you can start using it. By making yourself an integral part of the creation process, you can ensure that the final logo truly represents your team and is an important part of your culture and identity.

At Elite Promotional Marketing, we take pride in ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with our services, products, and people. Contact us today.
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