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If you wear a particular work uniform, you know that it has a function outside of company branding. In many cases, workers wear uniforms to protect themselves from dangers such as hazardous materials or fires.

When you work around such materials, you need work clothing that's fire retardant.

Edmonton industrial standards vary, so it pays to understand your own industry's needs before you shop for new overalls, coveralls, or other work gear.
Fire Retardant Supplies in Edmonton
But when you know what you need, come first to Elite Promotional Marketing for all things fire retardant in Edmonton.

Know What to Look For

It's common for utility workers and industrial personnel to wear flame resistant clothing, or FRC. Whether you're an electrician or a supervisor at a refinery, you rely on high-performance materials that protect you or your employees from nearby hazards.

Before you place your order at Elite Promotional Marketing, find out your industry's specifications for work clothing and approved fabrics. Next, call us at any of our locations. We have access to large volumes of FRC and other flame resistant accessories. We also provide regular coveralls, hats, gloves, and other work clothing.

Your workplace determines its uniform requirements based on employee exposure to energy and hazardous materials during a typical shift. To stay protected, you may require fabrics with an ATPV rating or 4 or higher, depending on your industry. Call us to learn more about our clothing ratings.

Rely on Our Knowledge and Service

At Elite Promotional Marketing, we have over 65 years of experience outfitting workers throughout Edmonton with fire-retardant clothing and other work wear.

Let us put our experience to work and help you choose the right work wear for your needs-even if your industry doesn’t require you to wear FRC.

Contact us at any of our locations shown below, and let us help you today.
Elite Promotional Marketing

Fire Retardant Work Wear for the Edmonton Area

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